Fast Broadband now Live

Following more than 18 months of planning the high speed broadband service is now live in Upper Wharfedale and is now rolling out Littondale. More than 70 properties have now been connected in Kettlewell, Conistone and Kilnsey & Buckden, and the service is delivering up to 30 Mb/s broadband to homes and businesses in the area.

Repeater masts have been erected at Moor End and Buckden Rake and to extend the service to the top of Wharfedale and up into Langstrothdale. Meanwhile, sites for the Littondale repeater masts are being progressively installed.

I Love Broadband (LN Communications) will continue to contact those who have registered an interest and whose properties are able to receive a signal (initially in Kettlewell, Conistone & Kilnsey, Starbotton & Buckden). The ILB installers will then make an appointment to survey and install the antenna and make the service live. There will be a number of "dead spots" which will not initially get a signal but ILB will fill in these gaps with local repeater antennae.

If you have already registered either through this site or directly on the I Love Broadband site you do not need to do anything - ILB will contact you when they are in a position to deliver a service to your property. If you have not registered and wish to be contacted by ILB, please  click here.

If you want to know more about the proposed service, including prices, please click here

Some people have expressed concern about retaining their email address if they move to the new service. The majority of users  will be able to keep their existing email address although your email settings may have to be  changed and there may be a small charge click here for more information on this.

To read about the background to the scheme and the campaign to bring high speed broadband to Upper Wharfedale & Littondale, please click here


Latest News:

26/10/13: Mains power for Upper Wharfedale repeater masts The repeater masts as Starbotton, Buckden Raike and Pewitt Moss are now all running on mains electricity (as opposed to solar/wind turbine). This will ensure a more continuous power supply for the network. This part of the project was funded by a grant for the Yorkshire dales National Park.

03/03/13: Faster service & new price list LN Comms have announced details of a new faster service with 30 Mbps broadband now available for just 24.99 per month. At the same time they have withdrawn the 5 Mbps service and reduced the price of the 10 Mbps service to 14.99 and the 20 Mbps service to 19.99 - a reduction of 4 per month in each case. There are also new installation charges although LN Comms have confirmed they will hold the price previously advertised for those people in the upper dale who had previously registered but whose installation was delayed by the issues at Moor End. Click here for latest price list.

24/02/13: Upper Dale Roll Out: As you may be aware there has been a delay in the roll out of Fast Broadband to the Upper Dale. The cause of this is the wireless repeater mast at Moor End farm Kettlewell. The final location of this mast was the third choice as first the National Trust and then Natural England ruled out the preferred locations. Having trialled the mast for some weeks, it was evident that this location does not have sufficient access to clean wind and sun to maintain the power necessary to provide a reliable service. A number of changes have now been made including re-siting the wind generator, increasing the battery capacity, changes to the voltage regulator configuration and improved remote monitoring. The impact of  alterations is being monitored and a soon as we are confident that the problems are resolved,  roll-out to the upper dale will be resumed and the roll out can proceed all the way to Cam Houses